You might be surprised...

The Big Secret About LinkedIn


While 92% of successful business owners and thought leaders may be active on LinkedIn, hardly anyone knows how to use it.   


This is actually amazing news for any expert willing to put in some attention to master it. You might be too late to dominate the category ‘Facebook Groups,” but you’re just at the perfect time to navigate LinkedIn with some real style.


You’ll see many experts who may be popular elsewhere, but on LinkedIn?  They’re just as bored, confused, and lonely as most of the rest of us. .  


Go look at one of America’s most popular digital thought leaders.   She’s followed by 200K professionals on LinkedIn.  Now go look at her LinkedIn content:  10 likes.  2 comments.  Yayyyyyyyyyyy.   Not exactly an overwhelming success. 


See that business expert whose books you’ve been reading your whole professional life? 

How did you feel when you got his automated LinkedIn connection requests begging you to join his new online program?  Yeah.  It’s not good, is it?


Pro Tip:  Don’t pay for “DFY” LinkedIn, or any type of automation. When it comes to connecting with high value professionals, automated or outsourced LinkedIn lead generation works .02% of the time. Because we all like to connect, but none of us like to be sold. Automation may be  tempting, but the results are dismal in both quality and quantity. 


Want to be in the top 1% when it comes to performance on LinkedIn? Focus on the powerful antidote to vanity metrics (number of connections, comments and likes): 

  • Doing top notch business within influential and impactful communities
  • Thus multiplying revenue while minimizing effort 


The Supertight Process

The Three Pillars Of LinkedIn


Your Personal Profile

The crucial first step!

Change your profile from

resume to RESOURCE

Be the weirdo who helps

right away iInstead of talking

about how you help.


Connections & Messaging

Avoid automation like the plague

Go easy on templates.

Start a personalized conversation 

for powerful results with

people you’d actually want 

as friends & clients.


Content: Posts & Articles

Provide valuable content:

Think thought leadership,

Think content marketing

Not boring brand or 

promotional content.  

So 2015. Yawn.